Landscaping & Irrigation
Dragon Capital
Ukraine, Kyiv , Green Hills
Landscaping and Irrigation
Project Management
Landscaping & Irrigation

Landscaping and irrigation projetcs.

Landscaping was fulfilled within Green Hills Cottage village Project for public and private areas such as frond yards of households, parks, sidewalks, playgrounds, etc. Landscape design for each zone was individually created by architects considering design brief and local conditions.

Maintenance of numerous zones with lawns and landscaping needs proper watering. For this purpose, automatic irrigation system was designed and fulfilled at town. The main feature of applied watering system is an ability to program the schedule of sprinkling of numerous zones which highly contributes to rational water consumption.


Charrette’s founder Oleg Chupryna performed Project Management for Landscaping & Irrigation Projects being a part of Dragon-Ukrainian Properties & Development Team.